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Wow. It's just amazing- I think I blinked and 12 years of web work passed in a fabulous whirl! My work on the internet has evolved from general developement into education technology, and my love of these tools and what they bring to our lives has grown beacause of it.

This is my home base on 'the webernets'. For all of my other projects that come and go, this ultimately ends up being ground zero- the space that offers me a place to focus my expression. It isn't a compendium of all things I do on the web OR a showcase of the best of my work, though representations of my good and not so good work can be found throughout. It's just a grouping of what I focus on both professionally and personally, always remembering that we learn as much through failure as we do success, just as long as we keep trying- context is key.

So, enjoy! And let me know if you have any questions about my work. I'm always happy to share brain with like minded beings toward the greater good.

Featured Project: Philosophy 201 in Second Life

As a part of the OR CC Isle grant, I am directly supporting Bill Noonan, a Columbia Gorge Community College philosophy instructor in bringing to Second Life his dreams of teaching the history of western philosophical thought through the voices of some of its most notable figures. My role is to listen to his ideas and utilize deep design skills (2D, 3D, narrative, instructional, etc.)to translate those ideas into instructionally sound processes that make sense for virtual spaces. Click here for a breakdown of this exciting project and all of it's workflow processes- I'll be keeping track of it throughout the summer as we develop.

Where did the old site go?

If you're looking for anything from my old Flash site, you can find it archived here. I built it in 2001, and though it stood the test of time through a number of web trends and style iterations, I've been hungry to update for a while, without time as a resource to do it. My imminent graduation from Western Governor's University and the subsequent reflection on my academic focus and how my work and passions intersect has been great encouragement in helping me value finding the time to do this redesign. Great thanks go out to the awesome designers at for sharing their skills with those of us who can't ever seem to get around to making something for ourselves. :)