What Some of my amazing friends are doing

I admit, I've got it good- I  am truly blessed to know a TON of amazing, creative, engaged & engaging beings. Though this is by no means an exhaustive list meant to represent them all, here are a few folks  who I know that inspire me as peers, and what they're recently up to:
Gabriel Nagmay- Web Ninja.
Andy Freed: Brewmaster, mapman, server god, dad.
Dan Norton, Filament Games & Dantastic! (tm) Gamer
Marjee Owens-Chmiel, Chica de' chemistry brilliance &  the JASON Project
Stashia Cabral- H.S.Art Instructor & magical dancer
Amanda Hanalon, Painting to move you through everyday scenes seen...
Constance Steinkuehler, she who helped me learn to love the fail.  :)
Kurt Squire, The game geekiest most absent minded killer brilliant prof you will ever know.
Charles Leherman, aka. Mr. Fizz: Metaverse Mo-Cap Fred Astaire Extrordinaire~

Other Helpful proffessional links

I keep a running record of links that I find helpful to my interests at Del.Icio.us.
Presentations are being archived up at Slideshare.
I blog about Education Technology Exploration here.

personal Favorites

When I want to distract myself on the web nowadays, much of that time is spent working on my character in World of Warcraft (WoW), while also wearing my discovery hat, in thinking of what my process of learning and valuing the system is. This has me using Thottbot a lot.  I don't have a ton of time to play, so I have to make my play time matter.

Because I find WoW such a fun and compelling visual environment and I have great affinity for my characters there, I am blending professional and personal interests in using WoW as a Machinima  creation space.I always feel better about my play time when I can justify that skill building is happening in tandem.